Pimentos de Padron, 10 seeds

Pimentos de Padron, 10 seeds

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Pimentos de Padron, capsicum annuum, 10 seeds

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Pimentos de Padron seeds

capsicum annuum

The orign of this chili is Galicia, Spain, the town of Padron, in the north-west of Spain. These chilies look very innocent at first sight.

How much this chili is hot, you will never know in advance. It could be some kind of sweet, not really sweet, but they can also be relatively hot. The later the harvest the more hot this Chili de Padron is.

At local marketplaces this chili is sold with olive oil and salt. This chili is well known for some kind of bitterness.

In 1979 the first culinary festival took place in this region to celebrate these chilies and since that time it takes place every year, every first sunday in September.

This is a chili, which you will really enjoy.

Germination 14-21 days, temperature. 20-24°C
Light: full sun

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