Paprika Dulce Italiano, 10 seeds

Paprika Dulce Italiano, 10 seeds

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Dulce Italiano, capsicum annuum, 10 seeds

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Dulce Italiano seeds

capsicum annuum

"La dolce vita di Italia", a really wonderful chili. So full of taste and with no heat at all. It ripes from green to a wonderful red colour.

Still green use it for salads, for BBQ or deep fried. Still green this Dulce Italiano has a very strong taste. Once turning red it is extremely sweet. Every Italian cuisine really needs it.

The fruits are 15-20 cm long and they do not burn at all.

My advice for the intermediates:

put them into the stove for some minutes until start to have these typical goose pimples. After a few minutes in a plastic bag, you will be able to peal them. Add some salt and olive oil. Wonderful.

If you need some sweet chili sauce> use it green for the special aroma or red to make a really sweet pepper sauce.

And my special advice: combine a sweet chili sauce made fron Dulce italiano with a little bit of hot chilies. The result is amazing.


Germination: 10-18 days, 20-22°C
Light: full sun

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