Bhut Jolokia, 10 seeds

Bhut Jolokia, 10 seeds

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Bhut Jolokia, capsicum chinense, 10 seeds

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Bhut Jolokia seeds

capsicum chinense

You really have to have this chiili. Everybody has to have it. During a lot of years this chilli was said to be the hottest chilli in the world. The usual Habanero became simply No. 2.

Every new kind of chilli is somehow connected with a story, but this one I relally like very much: this is a kind of chilli which originates in India. In the year of 2006 Indian profs gave news to the world, that this is really the most pugnent chilli, which was ever invented. The Americans became interested.

Immediately they contacted this University, but they received no answer. Of course, this is some kind of fraud, the Americans said or a mistake of measuring the Scollville units.

American "spies" later on gained to catch some samples of this chilli. The surprise was unrestricable: this chilli really had more Scoville units than any other known chilli in the world, even more than the Indian scietists have declared.

Today, there are lot of other chillies, which are quite similar to this one, but the Bhut Jolokia is still the original.

But you have to be really careful: just a small part of this chilli is enough for your meal. Always wear gloves, when touching this chilli and never allow your children, even to be near, when using it. Never hold your nose over a pan or pot, when you add it to your meal. Wait a few seconds, after that it should be safe.

Once more: keep away fron children. And I really mean it. The fruits look so nice and sweet...

Germination: 14-21 days,  temperature 22-24°C
Light: full sun

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