Habanero Chocolate, 10 seeds

Habanero Chocolate, 10 seeds

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Habanero chocolate, capsicum chinense, 10 seeds

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Habanero Chocolate seeds

capsicum chinense

The orign of this chilli is Jamaica and it is really very hot. Since this fact it became an indispensable ingrediant of Jerk. That means, a Jerk without this chilli is not a Jerk. Other names for the Chocolate chili are "brown" or "black" Habanero or even Congo Black.

This chilli is really very hot.

Ripening from from green to a chocolate colour. But please, it is not chocolate, so use it with your common sense. It's taste is different to other Habanero chillies, it is some kind more smokey and it gives your recipes a really different dimension.

It ripens quite late: either you use a greenhouse or a bigger pot, to take it inside, when the frost period in your region begins.

Be careful: touching this chilli is recommended only with gloves. Not the whole chillies, but if you cut them. It may irritate the skin. If this happens, immediately wash your hands properly. The irritation vanishes within a few minutes but sometimes even after hours. Never touch your eyes or other sensible parts of your skin, after getting in contact with the juice of this chilli.

But you have to be really careful: just a small part of this chilli is enough for your meal. Always wear gloves, when touching this chilli and never allow your children, even to be near, when using it. Never hold your nose over a pan or pot, when you add it to your meal. Wait a few seconds, after that it should be safe.

Once more: keep away fron children. And I really mean it. The fruits look so nice and sweet...

Germination: 14-21 days,  temperature about 22-24°C
Light: full sun

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