Ají Limo, 10 seeds

Ají Limo, 10 seeds

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Ají Limo, capsicum chinense, 10 seeds

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Ají Limo seeds

capsicum chinense

You will really adore these little yellow outlets of the sun. Although this a member of the variety capsicum chinense it looks absolutely different. It' s shape is some kind of elegant, slender or even delicate, shiny so it looks good in every garden.

It's orign are the coastal areas of Peru and Equador. Other names are e.g. Ají Mochero or Ají Lima.

Probably these are the most pungent chillies from this area and they really belong to the local cuisine, like Cheviche and others. A cheviche without Aji Limo... never...

These chillies are really very hot. But sometimes you will find a Aji Limo more friendly. 

It is very interesting, that if you heat up this chilli, the special aroma of lime will appear. Either simply boiling of frying, you will feel the the wonderful taste of lime and chillies.

If you do not know how to use them particularly, use them simply like habeneros, witha special kind of surplus.

A really good advantage of the Aji Limo is, that it doesn't need a too hot climate. In his place of orign it grows in areas, which are 1500 m above sea level, where temperatures vary between 18 to 24 °C. Although a quite high humidity is necessary.

Germination: 14-21 days, temperature ca. 22-24°C

Light: full sun, or with some shadow during noon

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