Anaheim Chili, 10 seeds

Anaheim Chili, 10 seeds

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Anaheim, capsicum annuum, 10 seeds

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Chilli Anaheim seeds

capsicum annuum

This is really the all American chilli. This chilli originates in New Mexico, but it spread right afterward to the region of Anahein, California. Back to the time about 1900,  the "inventor" of this chilli is the famous botanist Fabian Garcia. In New Mexico and California this chilli became unresticable with the local cuisine, just like onions or garlic.

A fascinating combination of the real chilli aroma and just a little bit of heat.

Really, it is not too hot. The best chilli for stuffing, either green or red (Chilis rellenos). Very good for salads of all kinds. But to honest, be best ones are still green for the BBQ or the oven.

You can even dry the red once and who is able to make ristras will be very satisfied.

This plant grows up to 60-80 cm and the chillies are about 15-20 cm long. The blossoms occur quite early, but it takes some time, before the fruits turn red. The leaves are, in comparison to other chillies, quite big. That means, that this chilli needs quite a lot of humidity.

Germination: 14-21 days, 22-24°C

Light: full sun

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