Chili Pequin, 10 seeds

Chili Pequin, 10 seeds

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Chili Pequin, capsicum annuum, 10 seeds

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Chili Pequin seeds

capsicum annuum

This is really a chilli, which you have to have. Your neighbours will envy you these small but very tasty and even good looking chillies.

The chili Peqin is a domesticated chiltepin (capsicum annuum), that is the real heirloom variety of probably all the chillies.

The Chili Pequin is quite hot, within a range of 1-10 it is really 7, maybe more. 

But the more interesting is, that this chilli in it's original form was spread by birds. Birds do not feel the heat of chillis and furthermore, simply said, they heve no teeth, which could the damege he seeds: a perfect chilli grower.

Yes, but we expect, that birds do not not know anything about time. So be patient, the germination takles about two or three weeks..

Germination: 14-30 days,  21-27°C
Light: full sun

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