Habanero White, 10 seeds

Habanero White, 10 seeds

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Habanero White, capsicum chinense, 10 seeds

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Semena Habanero White

capsicum chinense

This is another kind of Habanero. This time it is white. The plant is much smaller than the usual Habanero, but the orign is obvious. A very, very intereresting taste and terribly hot.

The Habenero White prefers container cultivation and your crop won´t be enough for pickling, but if you are a real chillihead, you have to have it. It will still supply you with fresh chillies inside your house, while all your other chillies will be very tired after the short hot season.

But you have to be really careful: just a small part of this chilli is enough for your meal. Always wear gloves, when touching this chilli and never allow your children, even to be near, when using it. Never hold your nose over a pan or pot, when you add it to your meal. Wait a few seconds, after that it should be safe.

Once more: keep away fron children. And I really mean it. The fruits look so nice and sweet...

Germination: 14-21 days, 22-24°C

Light: full sun



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