Sweet Piquante Chili, 10 seeds

Sweet Piquante Chili, 10 seeds

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Sweet Piquante, capsicum baccatum, 10 seeds

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Sweet Piquanté seeds

capsicum baccatum

Just to make things clear: we do sell any Pepperdew or Peppadew, which is a registered trademark, but these Sweet Piquante seeds we sell, are nearly the same. But is no Peppadew or even Pepperdew.

These chillies originate in South Africa, but they could be easily grown in our climate area. You will immediately find out, if you see the blossoms of this chilli, that you watch something really unusual. The blossoms are much bigger than those of usual chillies, white and green, with the typical squared stem. The fruits seem to try to touch the air high above.

Even the pot cultivation gives really satisfactory results. The plant will grow up to nearly 1 m, depending of the size of the pot. The Sweet Piquate will ripen after taking inside until December. Greenhouse cultivation is just a good surplus.

This chilli has a unique flavour. It is at the same time hot but also sweet. It serves well for pickles, stuffed with cheese, pesto or anchovies. You will find find a thousands of receipes, how to use this chilli.

Germination: 14-21 days, temperature ca. 22-24 °C

Light: full sun

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