Chilli Rocoto Yellow, 10 seeds

Chilli Rocoto Yellow, 10 seeds

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Rocoto Yellow, capsicum pubescens, 10 seeds

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Rocoto Yellow

capsicum pubescens

This is really a chilli, which is in every kind somehow specific. Not only that it belongs to the variety capsicum pubescens, but it differs from the usual capsicum annuum or capsicum chinense in many ways.

But the good thing is, that it is easily grown by beginners. It usually germinatates quite early by temperatures between 22-24 °C. 

All te Rocoto are very juicy. The pulp, which residuades after pressing is very small. That makes it the real overwhelming species for making your own chilli sauces.

And imagine even a Ceviche without Rocoto, unbelievable.

Another adaventage of the Rococo is, that it is quite shadow-tolerant. But please, do not transplant the seedlings into the shadow, it just means, that if these plants have some 5-6 hours of sun per day, they are quite happy.

By the way, the seeds of any kind of capsicum pubescens are always black.

Germination: 14-21 days,  22-24 °C

Light: fulll sun, or up to half shadow

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