Chilli Habanero Gambia, 10 seeds

Chilli Habanero Gambia, 10 seeds

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Chilli Habanero Gambia, capsicum chinense, 10 seeds

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Chilli Habanero Gambia

capsicum chinense

This Habanero chilli is really a big one. Still offering all the characterictics of a Habanero chilli your crop will be much higher than your neighbours'. Do not expect bell peppers, but this is just the next step :-).

This variety originates from Africa. Maybe the Gambia Habenero should have been born there, because it produces extraordinary big fruits. It changes it's colour from light green to orange and in the end to a really bright shining red.

The Gambia Habanero chilli is the perfect start to make your own hot sauces. Just add some unusual herbs and spices and the result will be a great, fruity and terribly hot sauce for BBQ's, burgers, sandwiches and other culinary dreams.

Germination: 14-21 days, 22-24 °C

Light: full sun

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