Chilli Jalapeno, 20 seeds

Chilli Jalapeno, 20 seeds

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Jalapenos, capsicum annuum, 20 seeds

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capsicum annuum

The orign of this chilli is the town of Jalapa in Mexico and it is probably the most popular chilli in the world. The fruits are modertately hot and it is up to you, if you pick them green or red.

Jalapenos are easy to frow grow, even in colder areas.

The heat of the Jalapeno peppers varies quite a lot. It depends on the local conditions but it also varies in one and the same plant. But it is not bad, don't worry.

Typical for this variety is it's corkiness, which has no influence on the taste.

Use in green or red for your chili con carne, your burgers or your BBQ.

Germination: 14-21 days, 22-24 °C
Light: full sun

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