Chilli Black Olive, 10 seeds

Chilli Black Olive, 10 seeds

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Chilli Blck Olive, capsicum annuum, 10 seeds

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Chilli Black Olive 

capsicum annuum

 It will be surprise for your friend and relatives, if you serve them such an interesting chilli: are these olives or chillies? Obviously it is a chilli, but not at first sight.

There is nothing new about black chillies, but this one has also black leafs.

It easy to grow and prefers a container. You can try to sow them even in late May, if you suddenly find out, that you do not enough chilli plants. The whole plant is usually not taller than 50 cm. So you could dedicate it a nice place on your window sill after the night with frost.

You can pickle them in the same way as olives with almonds, red chillies or fresh cheese. Never boil them, they might loose the colour. Use onle the hot water/vinegar mix. and keep the glass in a dark place. Consume them within 4 weeks.

What would we do without all these Mexican inventions?

Germination: 14-21 days. 22-24 °C
Light: full sun

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