Chilli Red Demon, 10 seeds

Chilli Red Demon, 10 seeds

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Chilli Red Demon. capsicum annuum, 10 seeds

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Red Demon Chilli

capsicum annuum

This little devil is really something special. The Red Devil chilli is very small Thai style chilli. It at the same time ornamental and eatable. But at any case it is really really hot.

This plant can have up to 100 fruits per plant, which are good for drying but you could use them also fresh in all kinds of asian receipes. Pickling it in very small jars make it a very nice gift for everybody.

The plant usually reaches a hight of 35 cm, so it is better to grow it in a container, or in this case a flower pot. The crop is amazing dispite of it's size.

You can sow it also quite late and put it on your windowsill when there will be the risk of frost. Last year i sowed the last ones late in June. A perfect autumn gift for chilli lovers. Some of the chillies still green, the most of them red.

Germinatio: 14-21 days,  22-24 °C
Light: full sun

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