Garden Cress, seeds for sprouting, 100 gr

Garden Cress, seeds for sprouting, 100 gr

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Garden Cress (Lepidum sativum), seeds for sprouting, 100 gr. Country of orign: Italy

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Garden Cress

Lepidum sativum


The Common Cress belongs to the family of Cruciferae. It has a small round rustcoloured seed, whose sprouts grow quickly: they are ready in about 5/6 days.


Common Cress sprouts are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and D, niacine and
minerals. They have depurative, diuretic, mineralizing (Calcium and Phosphorus)
and tonic properties. They are extremely effective against anaemia, bronchitis and
rheumatism; they also act as an antidote for nicotine.


Common Cress sprouts have a typical taste which is slightly hot and pleasant. They
are recommended to spice up salads and boiled fish, to prepare sauces, canapés
and hors d'oeuvres.
They can be kept in the fridge or in a hermetic container for some days.

One of the many recipes

Cream cheese drops and common cress sprouts

- 150 gr creamy cheese
- 10 tomatoes –cherry type
- 30 gr common cress sprouts
- 20 small glasses
- 20 small forks

Divide the tomatoes in half and put one half on the bottom of the small glass. Put
a little cheese on the tomato and some cress sprouts. Serve with a small fork.

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