Endive, seeds for sprouting, 100 gr

Endive, seeds for sprouting, 100 gr

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Endive (Cichorium endivia), seeds for sprouting, 100 gr. Country of origin: Italy

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Cichorium endivia


The Endive belongs to the family of Compositae. The seed is a small obovalpyramid
shaped achene. The growing time of Endive sprouts is about 7/8 days.


Endive sprouts are rich in minerals and vitamins C, K, P. They have digestive and
tonic properties.


Endive sprouts are normally eaten in mixed salads. For their sharply bitter taste,
which some may find unpleasant, they should be mixed together with other
sprouts varieties.

One of the many recipes

Cooked ham canapés with endive sprouts

- 8 slices of bread for sandwiches
- 100 gr of cooked ham cut in thick slices
- Yoghurt mayonnaise cream
- 20 gr endive sprouts

Remove the crust of the bread. Cover the slices with the ham and cut each slice in
two triangles.
Put a little mayonnaise cream and decorate with Endive sprouts. Serve cold as appetizer.


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