Rape, seeds for sprouting, 100 gr

Rape, seeds for sprouting, 100 gr

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Rape (Brassica napus), seeds for sprouting, 100 gr. Country of origin: Italy

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Brassica napus


The Rape belongs to the family of Cruciferae. It has round dark brown seeds whose
sprouts grow very quickly: they are ready to be eaten in 5/6 days.


Rape sprouts are healthful for their high contents of Vitamin C and minerals such
as Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus and Magnesium.


Rape sprouts have a slightly sharp taste which is pleasant and appetizing. They suit
very well with different kinds of food: in fact they are used to spice up sauces,
soups, meat, raw and boiled fish.

One of the many recipes

Steamed cod-fish with rape sprouts

- 600 gr cod-fish
- 2 lt vegetables broth
- 50 gr rape sprouts
- 10 gr minced chive
- 30 gr extra virgin olive oil

Boil the cod-fish into broth. Strain and bone it. Spread the pulp on a dish, sprinkle
with sprouts and chive. Before serving, dress with olive oil.


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